A Green Egg Can Take Your Outdoor Kitchen to Another Level

If you’re more of a traditionalist and prefer charcoal to gas, our team suggests a Green Egg Kamado grill might be right for you.

The Green Egg. Even just hearing those words can send a thrill down the spine of the most dedicated grillers and barbeque enthusiasts.

The best known Kamado-style ceramic grill in the U.S., The Green Egg has a substantial cult following and for very good reason.

The Kamado grill concept dates back thousands of years to a time when clay and earthenware cooking dominated in the Far East. Having evolved over the centuries, Kamados landed in their current form only a few decades ago. Today, the leader in the world of Kamados, the Big Green Egg, is a ceramic vessel that offers almost unparalleled versatility, even cooking, and efficiency. It excels as a part of an upscale outdoor kitchen, the likes of which our team design, build, and install for new, custom home builds and existing home renovations and remodels.

If you and your family prefer grilling with charcoal—real BBQ, some might say—the Green Egg deserves a place in your outdoor kitchen, a place that will dazzle and impress friends and family alike.

Available in five sizes, there are a handful of reasons, say our team, that the Green Egg deserves all the exceptional reviews and the cult-status it maintains.

Versatility is the most significant benefit of this grill. Sure, it grills and smokes, but you can cook just about anything on it that you would otherwise cook on a grill or in an oven. From a low-and-slow pork roast to seared steaks to pizza and even apple pie, you’ll be impressed by the Green Egg’s performance.

It’s also exceptionally easy to use, which cannot be said of all outdoor kitchen appliances and definitely not of all charcoal grills. A Green Egg is ready to cook in only 10 minutes after the charcoal is lit, and the Green Egg makes lighting your fire easier than you can even imagine. Temperature control is easy to manage, and the unit’s style and construction ensure moisture remains inside, delivering delicious food with every use.

Charcoal grilling is also healthier than many other cooking methods, especially when you use the Big Green Egg’s private label lump charcoal. The Egg’s special charcoal is manufactured to meet exceptionally high standards and is guaranteed not to include any additives, fillers, nitrates, chemicals, limestone, or petroleum products. It starts faster, burns cleaner, and lasts longer than commercial brands. It can be combined with wood chips to impart your favorite flavors into your meats.

The quality of the Big Green Egg is unrivaled. It’s built to last and comes with a lifetime guarantee! Because it’s ceramic, it won’t rust. Ever. And it should genuinely last a lifetime.

So popular has it become that an entire community of like-minded people—Eggheads—has popped up to support the product and each other. They share tips, best practices, and recipes and have created an environment around grilling that is about more than grilling; it’s about fun.

Numerous accessories can expand your Green Egg repertoire, some of which are near-necessities and some that are just for fun. Among the necessities are the Nest (the stand your Kamado sits in), the convEGGtor, a ceramic plate that essentially turns the Egg into a convection oven, speeding up cooking times and expanding the possibilities even further, and an Egg cover to help ensure the protection of your investment.

The Green Egg line of Kamado grills is in a class of its own, and once you try one, we think you’ll be hooked.

If you’re planning for a new outdoor kitchen and are interested in making the Green Egg your anchor, please consider talking with our experienced team. We have been building custom homes and renovating and remodeling existing homes up and down the area for years.

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