Overview of The New Custom Home Construction Process

Here is an outline of the new custom home construction process assuming we have helped you evaluate the land, obtained proper zoning and building permits.

Planning & Design

In this stage we are designing your floor plans, architectural and structural plans.  Once we have a design, we will obtain the proper building permits with your town.

Clearing The Site

To prepare your land for your new custom dream home, we may need to clear trees, level the land, and remove rocks or other land formations so we can dig the foundation. 

Laying The Foundation

First, your foundation will be mapped out with temporary barriers acting as a template for where we will dig and pour your home’s foundation. Once we have laid out the boundaries for the foundation, we will begin excavating. Your foundation may require more excavation time if you plan to have a basement. 

The dirt will be removed and set aside for later use. 

We will put in the footings.

Then, it’s time to pour the concrete for the foundation. The concrete will then need time to set-up fully and cure.

Once all of the concrete is cured, there will be an initial inspection to ensure the foundation is safe and properly set. 


Once the foundation is set and cured, we will begin the framing of the house. This entails the basic framing or building of floors, walls, and the roof. Framing is essentially a physical representation of the home’s layout. Framing brings the blueprint plans to life. Sometimes we will use trusses for the roof framing which are built offsite.  

Also referred to as your home’s skeleton frame, once completed, the sheathing and protective layers will be applied to bulk the structure for further building. The sheathing ensures water and other elements cannot penetrate the frame and that mold or rot won’t be an issue. 

Once the skeleton is complete and everything has been sheathed we will start on the siding, roofing and installation of the windows and exterior doors.  Our goal will be to get your home weather tight. 

Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC Rough-In

Next, comes the rough-in of your major mechanicals.

Insulation and Finishing Drywall

You’re going to want your home to be energy efficient, which means it needs proper insulation to keep it cool during the summer and warm during winter. Many different types of insulation are available to choose from, including fiberglass, foam, and concrete.  

Once the insulation has been finished, we will install the drywall. During this time, your home will start to look more like a finished home with walls instead of cross beams. Exterior details intended to make your home stand out, such as stone or brickwork, will also be wrapped up. 


Your interior doors, trim, flooring will all be added next.  Then, your cabinets, appliances, finished lighting and plumbing fixtures will be installed.

Once all of these installations have been completed, we will install your driveway and finish sealing and painting everything. In the final steps in building your custom home we will grow grass or install sod and landscaping.  While there are inspections throughout, there is a final inspection to ensure everything has been done correctly and that the home meets occupancy guidelines so you can obtain a certificate of occupancy from the town.  We will complete any punch list items.  Our goal throughout the process and your dream home will exceed your expectations.

Our team is here to help you make your dream home a reality.

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