Retractable Screens To Add More Outdoor Space

It can be annoying to have the constant glaring sun bearing down on you when you’re trying to enjoy a day out on your porch. Pesky insects can also ruin any relaxing afternoon if they are able to roam freely. So how do you shield yourself from the annoyances that lurk outside while still enjoying the fresh air and warmth of the sun? 

Retractable screens have become the most popular feature to add to modern homes. It provides the right amount of shade while still allowing fresh air and sunlight to be enjoyed on your porch. The true beauty of a motorized retractable screen is that it can be brought down and put away at will. You can decide how much you want and how long you want it. 

They can even provide the illusion of a bit more outdoor space as well, only improving your entertainment options and the aesthetic of your landscape. 

How They Improve Outdoor Space

They add an attractive element to your outdoor spaces by allowing natural light in without it becoming too harsh. The sun can heat up your porch too quickly and make it uncomfortable for entertaining. With a retractable screen, it can be raised just enough to give you warmth and light without the brightness ruining yours and your guest’s comfort. 

They also make your space seem larger. Your outdoor space no longer has to be limited to your front yard or your backyard for entertaining. It allows your porch, covered patio or terrace to become a gathering place that can be opened or closed off at will. 

They can be customized easily as well with different shade colors to match your home’s siding and color scheme. That way it won’t look tacky or out of place with the rest of your house. They can also be placed in areas where you might not expect to have need of them. 

Not only can you screen in your porch, but you can add screens to patios, balconies, and even your garage. 

Other Benefits

Besides protecting your space from the elements, these screens offer a sense of privacy. Most of them are shaded enough that prying eyes can’t peek in on what you’re doing and you can still enjoy the breeze. That way you can go about your business without feeling like everyone can see your every move. 

This allows those spaces to become more of a part of your home as they can provide protection and privacy with the tinted screen. Your comfort is important and these screens add a feeling of safety while still allowing you to be outdoors. You shouldn’t feel like you have to stay inside all the time to read or entertain, and with a retractable screen, you can enjoy a nice breeze without your neighbors prying in on everything you’re doing. 

Retractable screens can also add a great benefit to your covered outdoor kitchen or covered dining area.  Inherently, food attracts insects.  With retractable screens you can help keep out those pesky insects while preparing or enjoying an outdoor meal.

What We Can Do For You

We have a skilled team of designers that can help you pick out the right screens for your needs as part of your new custom home or existing home renovation. Whether that’s light, medium, or dark shades, we’ve got you covered and can help you take the next step to broaden your outdoor space. When you’re a homeowner, you should be able to use every bit of your home to the fullest, and we can help you accomplish that. 

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