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Timber Frame

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What is Timber Frame

Timber framing is a construction method using fewer beams and heavier timber to create a structure with open, airy spaces that flow easily from one area to another. The interlocking joints and pegs become a design feature, creating a dramatic feeling of strength and old-fashioned quality construction.

Benefits of Timber Frame

A timber frame creates the support for the structure, meaning interior walls are not needed to support the roof. Timber frame can also be used with conventional framing to create a hybrid building. Using timber frame construction creates more usable interior space, and a rugged, strong structure, which increases value and looks great!

Uses of Timber Frame

You can choose timber framing for a variety of applications. Barns, outdoor pavilions, homes, and horse stable are just a few examples. Timber framing can be used inside and outside, and can serve a double purpose, being both the support structure and the main design feature.

Timber Frame Options

There are many ways a timber frame structure can be designed. Although most use interlocking joints or wood pegs to hold things together, metal plates are sometimes used for strength, or as a design feature. Curved beams, half-timbered, and styles from early American barns to medieval baronial halls are all a possibility when you utilize timber framing.

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