What to Consider When Designing Your Master Suite

Your master suite can be your sanctuary, a place where you can exercise, work from home, relax, and of course get a good night’s sleep. Budget and size do not necessarily determine a master suite’s value to a homeowner as long as the master suite is designed to meet your needs. Our design team can help guide you in designing the master suite your desire. We are able to design and build the master suite of your dreams.    

Here some basic matters you should consider when planning a master suite:

Define the Available Space

There can be a big difference between what you think will fit in your bedroom and the space that is available. For instance, the bed is sometimes forgotten about even though it is the central piece of furniture in your bedroom. Beds are oblong and they can take up a lot of space. Our design team knows how best to utilize space to meet your needs and provide you with the most comfortable master suite possible. 

It is important to consider how, besides sleeping, you will spend your time doing in your master suite. If you plan to have an exercise nook or a home office within your master suite, we can help you define each area as if they were separate even though they are in the same room. Or perhaps your new custom home or remodel will have a dedicated space for exercise or a home office. Based on your overall design, layout and desires, we can help guide you in what makes the most sense for you.

You should not sacrifice important space just so you can fit everything you want in your master suite. Choosing built-in storage for clothes and bedding can save space where a chest might otherwise go. Then, you can take that saved space and apply it somewhere else, like choosing to put your television above the built-in storage or a fireplace if you desire. You also want to plan for any changes or updates you may make in the future such as buying a bigger bed or creating a place to work from home.  

Natural vs Artificial Light?

We find our clients typically want their bedrooms to be full of natural light during the daylight hours and then dark at night when they are sleeping. Depending on your preferences, the location of the master suite is important. If you like waking up to a room full of sunlight, then your master suite should face east. If you prefer waking up to a dark room without much natural light filtering through, then your master suite should face west. Again, we can help you determine the location of your master suite based on your unique plans.

Certainly, we can design windows and treatments that will give you more control over the amount of light in your master suite. With smart-home technology, you can have blackout curtains installed on your windows that will be easily controllable from your phone, with the touch of a button, or that raise automatically based on a predefined number of minutes before or after sunrise. 

Artificial lighting can also be designed and installed based on your specifications. Depending on the size of the room, you may want to be able to control which areas are lit at specific times. For instance, we can configure the lighting in the room to respect a sleeping partner while you get ready for work or use the restroom in the middle of the night. We will help you pay attention to details like this, which will maximize your enjoyment of your master suite for years to come.  

Add Luxury to Your Bathroom

Always remember that this is your home and you deserve to get exactly what you want. We are happy to make suggestions based on our extensive experience. We suggest that you consider reserving part of your budget to add luxury to your master suite bathroom. Additions like heated floors, high-end shower heads and spa-like amenities will make your bathroom feel extra special.

We can also help you match the colors and fixtures of your bathroom to the colors and feel of the rest of the master suite. This will help “blend” your bathroom and master suite.

Privacy is the key to a great bathroom in your master suite. If you are sharing this room with a partner, we can help you design a bathroom that can be used in complete privacy while someone else is in another part of the room. In fact, we can also design your master bathroom to provide a sense of privacy for you, even when it is occupied by two people.  

Assess Your Storage Needs

You really don’t realize how important adequate storage is until you may need some that doesn’t exist. We can help you design your potential storage needs while we are designing your master suite with you. 

Walk-in closets are a luxury that should not be overlooked. They should be designed to fit your needs, or you risk having wasted space in your master suite. If you have enough room for a walk-in closet but no place for your partner to get ready while you use it, then consider installing a vanity mirror outside your walk-in closet. 

Perhaps your layout will allow for his and hers walk-in closets and even a separate dressing room.

We will provide solutions and options for each of these necessary design considerations for your master suite. We have seen it all in both new construction and renovations, and we will be able to make your master suite design dreams come true. 

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