When Does A Modular Home Make Sense?

When Speed of Construction Is Crucial

If you’re looking to get yourself into a new home fast, a modular design may very well help you get your house built in half the time. They are an easy design that we can finish quickly because a majority of the home is built in the factory.  

The build time for a modular home is also reduced due to the less inspections required with modular designs. The factory usually completes many of the inspections before the homes are shipped to the consumer. The ease of assembly and the already pre-checked materials make modular homes an ideal choice for those looking to save time.

When Customization Isn’t As Important As Cost

Modular homes tend to be cost-effective because they don’t take long to build. Since a majority of the home is built in the factory, there is much less customization available than a new custom home.  However, some customization can still come later through the addition of exterior and interior accents that suit your aesthetic. 

Quality of Indoor Construction

Because a modular home is built in a factory, the interior portion of the home is not ever open to the elements. 

Energy Efficient

Because they are manufactured, modular homes reduce waste materials, which in turn improves energy-efficiency. Many modular homes on the market are also built from recycled materials, so waste is even further reduced. 

Modular homes are also well insulated, so your heating and ventilation won’t leak out of spaces around doors and windows and waste money. 

Selling Land

If you have a land that you are looking to sell, oftentimes your land will sell faster if a home exists on it.  Depending on the neighborhood and your architectural desire, land with a modular home could sell faster.  Buyers can also get approved easier for financing of land with a home which opens up your buyers pool.

How We Can Help

We are the premier home builder in our area.  From stick built homes to modular homes, we have a vast experience with all residential home construction.  We can help you through the entire process of getting your modular home placed, constructed, and moved into.

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