About Lehman Construction

While many people feel like renovating their existing home or building a new home is too confusing and too challenging, at Lehman Construction Homes, we help make renovating your existing home or building your new custom home efficient, rewarding and fun. We understand that with our proper guidance and with our expert team we can definitely renovate your existing home or build your beautiful custom home. We recognize that you are truly investing in bringing your family and friends into your dream home to create timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

Life is too short to live in an environment you are not thrilled with. Save time, avoid frustration and save substantial money when you entrust Lehman Construction to build your new custom home or renovate your existing home.

Our expert, friendly and flexible team is here to guide you every step of the way.  We strive to make the building or remodeling process as stress-free as possible.  From brilliant designers to land surveyors to structural engineers to adept architects to our distinguished craftsmen, our team will help you build or remodel efficiently and cost effectively. Our team is eager to intently listen to your ideas and help bring your desires to fruition.

We look forward to learning more about what you want in your dream home during your complimentary, no-obligation consultation. 


We don’t just care about homes. We care about you.

Meet Some Of Our Team

Samuel Borkholder

Sam Borkholder is the majority partner at Lehman Construction. He is a very hardworking man and gets a thrill from getting the details right – he’s been doing it for more than two decades. The first time you meet him, his smile and sense of humor will make you feel like you’ve been friends forever. He is married to Susan, the oldest daughter of the Lehman family. They have six children and Sam loves reading and spending time with them all!

Amzie Lehman

Amzie is the Executive Partner and Certified Professional Building Designer at Lehman Construction. His fluency in 3D design allows him to bring your project to life by carefully considering the approach and surrounding views, transforming your dream home. Amzie is dedicated to helping his clients make informed decisions with Lehman Construction’s stress-free building process and enjoys working closely with his team to ensure a seamless and successful project. Outside of work, Amzie treasures spending time with his wife, Janie Lynn, and their three children. He’s an avid reader and enjoys traveling with friends and family, soaking up new experiences.

Elva Lehman

Elva is the Managing Partner at Lehman Construction and manages the building process. He has an eye for detail that comes from his 40,000-plus hours of construction experience. He enjoys talking with people about their interests and reading about anything that catches his attention, from the latest news about airplanes to the most up-to-date construction means and methods. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary, and four children, who keep him on his toes.

Orie Lehman

Orie Lehman founded our company more than 30 years ago. In 2012 the second generation took over primary operations of the business, allowing Orie to lead the timber framing crews for The Ark Encounter in Kentucky. Orie is now semi-retired, but he still helps out as a senior advisor. His love for helping others, has led him to serve on numerous boards and work projects. He especially enjoyed working on Habitat for Humanity building projects and meeting people from Jimmy Carter to Janet Huckabee. Orie lives an active life with his wife Wilma, eight children, and 27 grandchildren who all live close by. Orie likes to read about our Amish heritage in Europe and visited there in 2014. It was an amazing experience that he will never forget!

Abner Troyer

Abner Troyer is a lead carpenter at Lehman Construction and has been with the company since the year 2000. He has more than 40,000 hours of construction experience and knows how to get stuff done! Abner loves hunting and fishing, but most importantly, he loves his family. His wife and grandchildren are the center of his world.

Rob Yoder

Rob Yoder is an experienced project coordinator responsible for various roles, including being the initial point of contact for clients, securing permits for commercial designs, and ensuring project success with trade partners. His remarkable ability to multitask and solve problems makes him a valuable asset to any project. In his free time, Rob enjoys hunting, fishing, and basketball. He even coached his daughter’s basketball team in high school, showcasing his dedication to his family and community. Rob’s exceptional skills, interests, and experience make him an outstanding project coordinator.

Orlan Borkholder

Orlan, a skilled timber framer at Lehman Construction, is the grandson of the company’s founder. He’s passionate about creating beautiful and functional structures and is known for his attention to detail. In his free time, Orlan enjoys staying active by working out, hunting, and spending time with friends. His dedication to his craft and easygoing nature make him a valuable member of the team.

When you hire Lehman Construction, you are receiving priority service from approximately 40 of the area's best trade partners.

Simply make only one call to Lehman Construction and we will take care of it!

Clear Communication

Expert Guidance

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Quality With Attention To Detail

Our Core Values

We Are Client Focused

Lehman Construction revolves around putting you first and exceeding your expectations. We do what we say we are going to do and strive to go above and beyond for you. From clean job sites to providing careful guidance every step of the way, we build your home like it was ours.  We are dependable and trustworthy.  

We are Easy to Communicate With

From email to texts to phone calls to zoom meetings we leverage technology to be as responsive as possible. We understand that your time is extremely valuable. We also are flexible to your changes throughout the process. We adapt and provide solutions to any and all challenges.

We Provide a Personal Touch

We understand that your new custom home or renovation deserves special attention. You are unique. We are glad to provide you with personalized guidance throughout the process. We will help make the building or remodeling process as simple and rewarding as possible.

We Are Committed to Innovation & Excellence

While quality workmanship is a constant at Lehman Construction we are also innovative in new building and remodeling techniques. We stay on top of trends and technology. We bring you a multitude of options that will help you live in the home of your dreams for years to come. 

We Treat You How You Should Be Treated

We are family run and faith based company.  We are respectful, use clean language and put an emphasis on work family and home family.  We consider our clients part of our family as well.

We Take Pride In Our Work & Craftsmanship

We hold ourselves accountable and take personal responsibility in all of our projects providing you the highest quality while paying attention to the details.