Are you interested in building your new custom home? A fantastic addition, remodel, or renovation?

You most likely want your dream home to be unique and speak to your interests and aesthetic.  Well, good. Because at Lehman Construction, you will not find anything cookie-cutter about any of the homes we build!

Creative Options

We believe that building your dream home means that YOU should play a part in the planning process. We listen to each client and strive to incorporate your creative ideas into the design process. From the appearance of your home’s exterior to the efficiency of your appliances to the types of flooring you want, you are the one who has the final say in everything.

Our design team helps you make decisions easier by providing 3D renderings.  By being a design-build company not only can we help you save thousands of dollars in costs but we can also help you get your desired results.

Want a home theater? OK! Would an in-home cigar humidor or wine cellar make your day? We can do that too. And what about your kitchen? Built for great chefs? Or for take-out?

Whatever is important to you is important to us. And when your aesthetic vision combines with our extensive experience, the result is a truly unique home that matches your lifestyle, wishes, and needs.

In short, the Lehman Construction team will build your custom home as if it were our own. And you will get exactly what you want—no request is too big or too unique; we can handle it all—without you needing to worry or fuss at all.

To learn more about what you should consider before building or renovating your dream home, CLICK NOW to download our free report, 25 Home Features To Consider For Your Renovation or New Custom Home” In this report, we provide you important guidance as relates to designing your dream home.

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And then, when you’re ready to start your home building journey, or if you’d like us to help you evaluate a piece of land, call us at (260) 758-7160 to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation virtual consultation or click the button below.

We will conceptually design your custom home in 2D and 3D for only $2500.  This will also allow us to price out your home.  These are NOT construction drawings.  They are for conceptual purposes and to help ensure we are on the same page with you in terms of the custom home you want built.